31 photos
Exhibition of works by Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore.

Great to be able to get up close to the Monument to the Burghers of Calais, as Rodin intended - they are usually mounted high up outside The Palace of Westminster.

The other works are (in order): Jean d'Aire, Monumental Nude (Rodin), with The Arch (Moore) on the other side of the lake; Eve (Rodin); Walking Man on a Column (Rodin); Upright Motive No.9 (Moore); The Fallen Caryatid with Stone (Rodin); Three Piece Sculpture, Vertebrae (Moore); Seated Woman (Moore).

The still life of paper mugs and a bottle was retrieved by kids who had left them there temporarily - not litter!

The photos of the sculptures are not supposed to be like a catalogue of the works, but to show aspects of them in the particular context of Compton Verney on a sunny afternoon. The other images also set the context of a day out there.