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"Military Pageant"
The DH88 Comet "Grosvenor House" provides an accurate weather forecast.

The flying aircraft are, in order:
- Avro Vulcan XH85, "Spirit of Great Britain". The only flying Vulcan in the world. This was it's first visit to Shuttleworth - and it's last visit too, as this was the Vulcan's last ever display;
- Avro Anson;
- Schneider SF38 training glider - used secretly by the Luftwaffe in the 1930s when training pilots was prohibited under the Versailles Treaty. Towed by a Piper Super Cub;
- Fiesler Storch;
- Three RAF trainers: Avro Tutor, DH Tiger Moth and Miles Magister;
- Two Tupolev Yaks in formation (the smoke is biodegradable vegetable oil);
- Hawker Demon
- Supermarine Seafire (Navy version of the Spitfire);
- Bristol Blenheim
- Percival Provost dropping commemorative poppies.